Past Collaborations

Amnesty International

International Secretariat – Amnesty International
Human Rights Education Advocacy Team Intern

The Human Rights Education Team (HRE Team) was based at the International Secretariat of Amnesty International (IS AI) in London, then relocated in Oslo, and is responsible for the implementation of the International Human Rights Education Strategy within the Amnesty International movement, including the development and implementation of global human rights education projects. The Human Rights Education Team worked to support and facilitate the human rights education action of Amnesty International through: mobilizing existing national and regional resources; building the capacity of the movement through improved coordination and communication; strengthening the AI HRE network; mainstreaming monitoring and evaluation in our human rights education work; and supporting key AI global campaigns.

Yel BYoung European Leadership – Communication and Events Officer

Young European Leadership (YEL) is an international nonprofit and nonpartisan organisation dedicated to empowering young leaders and future decision makers from Europe and beyond. Through engaging activities, YEL aims to inspire and enable these leaders from all backgrounds to shape their future and the future of Europe, fostering innovative solutions to local and global challenges.